#1 Important Step, Orlando Slip and Fall Cases

Orlando Slip and Fall Cases

What To Take Note About In Orlando Slip and Fall Cases

Although the four-year statute of limitations in Orlando slip and fall cases technically gives you plenty of time to initiate legal proceedings, as a practical matter you still need to take urgent action in your case to maximize the potential value of your damages. Delaying medical treatment even one week could hurt your case. Further, the longer you delay treatment, the worse the impact on your legal case. So you need medical treatment urgently, no matter what. In addition to quick medical diagnosis and treatment, you also need to take immediate steps to preserve evidence in your case, that’s why you should contact me as soon as possible to streamline the process. The potential evidence varies from case to case, but the most common include: 

  1.  Taking pictures of the area where you have fallen as quickly as possible, including close-up and wide-angle shots from all directions;
  2.  Take pictures of your injuries;
  3.  Preserving any physical evidence, such as soiled or bloodied clothes, of your injuries;
  4. Speak to any witnesses and to collect all their contact details; and
  5.  Submit sufficient retention of letters of evidence to any and all future claimants and insurance undertakings.

The Proof is Why You Must Act Quickly

If you fail to get medical attention soon, despite the fact that the statute of limitations (legal time limit for filing suit) is 4 years, many Florida slip and fall lawyers will reject your case. The explanation is that, as time passes between the date of the accident and the hospital attention, the logistical challenges of arguing that your accident caused real injuries to become even harder. Know that the defendant often insists, in slip and fall situations, that the injuries were not caused by the accident. People get hurt in life all the time. Who is to say that this accident caused your injuries? How are you able to prove the fact? Note, in both Orlando slip and fall cases, premises liability, and other accident cases, the complainant has the presumption of evidence. As a practical matter, part of this responsibility demands that you obtain care quickly. Expert doctors will also decide if an injury was caused by an accident, but their evidence is subject to assault, and often not crystal clear. But the bottom line is that you need to go get help now if you are reading this, and you have been involved in a slip and fall accident.

Why it's Urgent To Preserve Orlando Slip and Fall Cases Evidence

You will need to maintain proof as soon as possible because, again, you will have the burden of proving three key problems, including 

  1. Responsibility (fault), 
  2. Causation (meaning your injuries were caused by the accident) and
  3. Harm (usually the extent of your injuries).


You clearly must provide evidence to support the burden of proof in Orlando slip and fall cases, and proof appears to have a poor habit of vanishing quickly if not maintained quickly. Defendant firms often have no legal responsibility to retain evidence (including video camera recordings) unless you have specifically told them that a complaint will be brought. So you need to act very quickly so that, in the correct format, the defendant is told that they are obliged to retain evidence. They are free to lose or even kill proof that could be vital to your case before that is done.

Why Photographs Are Important

For certain slip and fall and premises liability cases, photos of the accident scene are completely important. In general, you need to take photos of the scene of the accident really fast. Especially because, for any number of reasons, the company may fix whatever caused you to fall, or the climate could change.

Call Me About Your Orlando Slip and Fall Cases

There are also other facets of your case that need to be rapidly dealt with. So, if you were injured anywhere in the state of Florida and had a slip and fall accident, or any premises liability case, I advise you to contact me at your earliest chance so that I can get the ball rolling on how to better maximize the benefit of your slip and fall injury case.

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