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Asylum and Refugee Status


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Refugee and asylum status are granted to immigrants that have fled their country of origin to protect the safety of themselves, and other family members. At Samaroo Law we manage asylum, refugee, and temporary protected status cases. Our experienced attorney Avita Samaroo and her legal team know how to professionally and efficiently protect your rights as an asylum seeker. Contact us today if you are in fear of your life from any government or criminal organization in your home country.

What is Asylum, Refugee, and Temporary Protected Status (TPS)?

Asylum: The asylum process begins when you physically arrive at any port of entry in the U.S. If you genuinely fear persecution due to your religion, ethnicity, race, nationality, class, political beliefs, or gender, you have a valid asylum case. 

Refugee: A refugee is considered a person who while they are currently not in the U.S. are not willing to return to their home country due to economic hardships, war, or persecution based on religion, ethnicity, race, nationality, class, political beliefs, or gender. 

Temporary protected status (TPS): This is a status bestowed on foreign born citizens that currently reside in the United States but can’t return home due to a temporarily dangerous situation such as war, coup d’etat, or natural disaster.

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Contacting An Experienced Asylum Lawyer As Soon As Possible Can Help Save Your Life

Proving in a court of law that you experienced discrimination and persecution can be a difficult task. Only an experienced asylum attorney can offer you the best chance at obtaining asylum. We know how to properly prepare, file, and argue your asylum case in front of a federal judge. Working with Samaroo Law will greatly improve your chances of obtaining asylum in the U.S. The following counties are some of the most popular places where people may seek asylum from:

  • Venezuela 
  • Syria
  • Brazil
  • Iraq
  • Colombia
  • China
  • Uzbekistan 
  • Egypt

Are All Asylum Cases Handled The Same?

Every asylum case is different. It is important to always consult with an experienced attorney before you try to go at it alone. We can instruct you on the proper methods, and how to avoid some simple Israel’s that many people fall into. 

Contact Samaroo law to learn how our competitively priced services can help you create a new life. Our friendly staff members speak English, Spanish, Portuguese, Hindi and Urdu

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Asylum and Refugee Status

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Asylum and Refugee Status


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