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Employment Immigration is a complex area for Employers and employees alike. There are many options applicable to the foreign applicant and different qualifications for each type of Business Immigrant Visa. Some categories require a sponsoring Employer to file a PERM Labor Certification application while there are other categories that will allow you to self-sponsor. Our law firm can assist you in the legal understanding and evaluate your qualifications accordingly. The primary Employment-Based Immigration (Green Card) categories are:

EB-1 Reserved for persons of extraordinary ability in the sciences, arts, education, business, or athletics; outstanding professors or researchers; and multinational executives and managers.

EB-2 Reserved for persons who are members of the professions holding advanced degrees or for persons with exceptional ability in the arts, sciences, or business.

EB-3 Reserved for professionals, skilled workers, and other workers.

EB-4 Reserved for “special immigrants,” which includes certain religious workers, employees of U.S. foreign service posts, retired employees of international organizations, alien minors who are wards of courts in the United States, and other classes of aliens.

EB-5 Reserved for business investors

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Dedicated Immigration Attorneys

At Samaroo Law, Avita M. Samaroo and her legal team is dedicated to providing only honest, competent, and compassionate representation to our clients. Our staff works incredibly diligently to help each client remedy their individual circumstances. We understand that there is not a one solution fits all when it comes to employment immigration. Therefore, we welcome you to contact us for a free no obligation consultation to discover how we can best assist you.

Employment Visa Process

Any foriegn national can begin their immigrant visa paperwork at any consular post in their respective country. In certain cases, individuals may not be able to adjust their status, or extend their visa if they are already in the United States. Contact Samaroo Law directly to see if you are eligible to continue your employment immigraiton process without returning to your home country. According to the immigration act of 1996, those immigrants who have overstayed their nonimmigrant visa by more than 180 days are prohibited from entering the United States for a period of three years. Therefore it is incredibly important that you never overstay your visa for any reason. If you believe there are extenuating circumstances to your situation, contact Samaroo law to learn what your options are.

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Give us a call to schedule your free consultation today. We can assist you even if you are out of the country. The legal team at Samaroo Law is waiting to hear from you. If you are uncertain on any part of the process or have any questions, please give us a call now!

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