One Way Settlement Dollars are Determined – Avita Samaroo

Hi, I’m Avita Samaroo. But when I’m speaking on the phone and negotiating with adjusters, opposing counsel or whomever, they’re starting to picture a person behind this story, they’re starting to understand this story. And then there’s some people, they’re completely stone-cold, I’m not going to get past that. 

But I’ll get a sense if they’re understanding me, they’re listening to this, they’re picturing a person instead of a stack of papers. Because what happens is when I said my demand in, it gets scanned into a computer system, and that computer system pulls out key words and spits out a number, and then the adjuster says, “Okay, this is the value of the case, your claim is a stack of papers.” 

My job is to make sure the adjuster understands that there’s a person behind this injury and this is what this person is going through, this is what they’re feeling. 


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