Orlando I-4 Accidents

Orlando I-4 Accidents

Orlando I-4 Accidents EPIDEMICS?

Orlando I-4 accidents are due to it being among the most treacherous highways in the United States, according to statistics collected by the auto insurance marketplace EverQuote.  Construction on I-4 began in 1958 with the first segment opening in 1959 and completion in 1965. It has been estimated that since then, there have been 1.25 fatalities per mile on I-4.  Furthermore, Orange County had the highest rate of distracted driving related crashes in the state and that number keeps growing.  Data collected from the state shows that in 2013 Orange County had 5,390 distracted driving crashes and that number has grown to 6,100 in 2016 then to 6,972 in 2017.  Everyone knows that distracted driving such as texting or talking on the phone increases your chances of getting into car accidents, yet Central Florida’s drivers still do it.  The data speaks for itself and it is abundantly obvious that I-4 and its surrounding roads are among the most dangerous roads, where accidents happen daily.  Avita Samaroo is an experienced Personal Injury Attorney here in Central Florida that has seen the progression of I-4 throughout her years in Florida and Samaroo Law’s main office, located in downtown Orlando and overlooks the the winding construction and accidents of I-4.   As Central Florida’s population grows,Orlando I-4 accidents are also do to it becoming one of the most congested highways in the nation with more and more accidents than ever before. If you’ve been in an accident on I-4 or the surrounding roadways, call Samaroo Law, where we are dedicated to helping victims of Orlando I-4  accidents.  

Here is why Orange county is the most dangerous place in Florida for distracted driving.

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