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US Citizenship

Obtaining US citizenship is the dream goal for many families across the world. If you are seeking to enter the US on an Immigrant Visa, then our top Orlando immigration attorneys will be there for you. Our goal is to help individuals be reunited with their family, seek better economic prosperity, and obtain the American Dream. In today’s world, the immigration to America is seen as a chance at a better life for you and your family. We want to help you make that dream a reality. Give us a call today to discuss how we can get your US citizenship fast tracked on your immigration.

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Employment Immigration

Coming to America on an employment visa can be easily obtained. Many people imagine that the immigration laws of America are impenetrable, and unwavering. The fact is that thousands of individuals just like yourself come to America on employment visas every year. You need a qualified legal team like Samaroo Law and our top Orlando immigration attorneys to fight for your case. We will begin your process by analyzing the best possible way to get your file approved and help with your immigration.

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Family Immigrant Petitions

Family-based immigration is a great way to gain legal entrance into the United States. In order to make this a reality, you must have a family member petitioner who is a U.S. Citizen or permanent resident. Once your family member decides they want to sponsor your application, Samaroo Law will work to make sure you are reunited with your family. In this case, the beneficiary will receive a green card to enter into the United States. This privilege applies to immediate family members like parents, and children. Also, the same privilege extends to spouses and unmarried children of your spouse.


Visitor Visas

The United States is a great destination to explore. If you want to visit the United States you must have a visa, or be a resident of a country that has a visa-free relationship with the United States. If you do not have Visa Free Access to the U.S, Avita M. Samaroo and our Orlando immigration attorneys will help you get your visitor visa in a speedy an efficient manner. This process is among the simplest visa processes that exist. U.S. visa adjudicators want to see that you have ties to your home country that guarantee you will return. Many people use the visitor visa platform as a method to overstay in the United States. For this reason, the American government is very particular about who they approve for a visitor visa. Contacting Samaroo Law will greatly improve your chances of receiving your visitors visa.


Asylum and Refugee Status

Asylum in the United States is given to certain people who have made their way into the United States and are desperately trying to escape from government persecution based on their religion, race, nationality, political stance, or nonconformity to the status quo. This persecution doesn’t have to be at the hands of a government. Individuals can also seek asylum from being persecuted by organizations, and certain organized crime related threats. Once you are granted asylum or refugee status, you can legally live and work in the United States for one year. After the year, your case will be evaluated and considered for green card status.

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Immigrants are often threatened with deportation back to their original nation. This type of coercion is becoming increasingly popular. If you are being threatened with deportation and seek to fight it, Contact Samaroo Law and our Orlando immigration attorneys. We are devoted to seeing that justice is served and you are not unlawfully deported back to your country of origin. Our years of experience and compassion for our work allows us to fight for your case with passion. Contact us as soon as you learn that you may be getting deported. Time is a critical element when fighting your potential deportation. Our legal team is waiting to hear from you and fight for immigration rights!

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Visa about to expire?

If your visa is about to expire, contact Samaroo Law to get an extension or renewal. Letting your visa expire while you are in the United States will ruin your chances of getting another visa in the future. When in the U.S. on any kind of visa, you want to remain diligent, and never overstay it. The government is very strict when it comes to immigration policies. Get in contact with our top Orlando immigration attorneys now to check your options for extending your visa.

Studying Abroad

Studying abroad in the United States can increase your chances of acquiring a high paying job after graduation. There are many different types of visas available for you to apply for when trying to study in the United States. Samaroo Law can assist you in getting your student visa approved rapidly.

Tourism purposes

Are you planning to come to the United States for vacation or exploration? You must be eligible to obtain a B-2 visa. If you come from a high risk nation where individuals are known to overstay their U.S. tourist visa, your chances of getting approved are at stake. In this case, it is best if you utilize our legal team at Samaroo Law to improve your chances.

Business purposes

Are you planning on participating in business activities or advancing your commercial interest in the United States. If so, Samaroo Law can help you obtain a B-1 visa. This visa can be used to enter the United States and legally undergo commercial activities. Our legal team is ready to help you find the American Dream

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