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Orlando Settlement Advice

Orlando Settlement Advice

Hi, I’m Avita Samaroo.  I’m going to talk about some Orlando settlement advice, to help you along with the process and to keep you guys informed! But when I’m speaking on the phone and negotiating with adjusters, opposing counsel or whomever, they’re starting to picture a person behind this story, they’re starting to understand this story. And then there’s some people, they’re completely stone-cold, I’m not going to get past that. 

But I’ll get a sense if they’re understanding me, they’re listening to this, they’re picturing a person instead of a stack of papers. Because what happens is when I said my demand in, it gets scanned into a computer system, and that computer system pulls out key words and spits out a number, and then the adjuster says, “Okay, this is the value of the case, your claim is a stack of papers.” 

My job is to make sure the adjuster understands that there’s a person behind this injury and this is what this person is going through, this is what they’re feeling.

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