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Samaroo Law is dedicated to protecting your privacy at all costs. We will store all of the data acquired from our website on our personal database. Samaroo Law ensures you that we have set up the necessary precautions to guarantee your information, and case files are stored under appropriate encryption. Our goal is to prevent the unlawful misuse of your personal information in any way. We also will not sell your information to any third parties unless they are mentioned here in this privacy policy statement


1. Samaroo Law’s website has certain functions that were designed to capture information from visitors. None of your information will be gathered unless you personally input it into our submission forms, or through email. Your IP address, and the URLs of the websites you visit may be captured in an effort to understand the search patterns of our visitors. Information such as the date, time, country, location, computer system, and operating system are automatically captured as a pat of normal web browsing activities. You may opt to turn off cookies in your browser settings, however this may impact the functionality of your experience on the Samaroo Law website.

2. Samaroo Law will ask you to provide personal information like your name, email address, and etc in the event that you would like to submit information through one of our contact forms. If you choose not to provide this information, that is your right.

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1. Samaroo Law will only use the information collected about you to help improve your experience on our website. By personalizing certain webpages to your interests, you will find the experience more relevant to your exact needs.

2. We may also use your information submitted to keep you updated on certain events that we host. Often times the Samaroo Law team will host community events. Your information will be used to send you emails regarding those events. We will never send your information to any third party that will attempt to solicit you in any way. You information will only be used for internal promotional purposes.

3. Samaroo Law reserves the right to disclose any of your information to governmental or regulatory agencies. In the event that your information is requested, we will oblige to the fullest extent of the law. However, as your attorney, we will also fight to preserve your interest while complying with the law.


Occasionally, Samaroo Law may utilize your information to work in conjunction with service providers to enhance the experience of our website. All of our service providers who maintain access to our internal databases will always comply with this privacy policy and never seek to profit through the use of your information.


From time to time, Samaroo Law will use our website as a platform to offer you additional services that you may find relevant. This may come in the form of a video, banner ad, or other on page advertisement. We reserve the right to use our website in any way that we deem necessary. Your use of our website signifies your acceptance to this agreement and any retargeting or remarketing that occurs after you visit Samaroo Law is well within the confines of the law. This privacy policy statement will refer to any websites owned and operated by Avita M. Samaroo.


While your information will always be stored in our secure database, any information sent through this website is not guaranteed to be secure. Information sent by email, or through the website submission forms can be intercepted by your internet service provider. Therefore, any information you send is not considered confidential in any way.


Communication through our website, email, or a phone call is not treated under the attorney-client relationship. The attorney-client privilege is granted to only those clients who are under a signed agreement with Samaroo Law.

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Did you know, The Florida Statute of Limitations On Reporting An Accident Is 4 Years?

This means that you have four years to open a case after the time an accident occurs. We advise you not to wait even four days. Your chances of having a successful resolution decrease with every passing week. If you have just been the victim of an accident, or other personal injury incident, contact Samaroo Law today!

My Best Advice – Avita Samaroo

My Best Advice – Avita Samaroo

Hi, I'm Avita Samaroo. I think the most valuable piece of advice that I can give somebody is to review your auto insurance policy and make sure you have something called uninsured motorist protection on that policy.  The issue that I see is...

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