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Florida PIP Law

The Florida PIP Law

The old episode of Governor Rick Scott trampling all over the interests of hard-working people of Florida should really horrify you. Undoubtedly, the Florida PIP Law hurts both users, Republicans and Democrats alike. On March 10, 2012, Rick Scott signed a PIP law (or more precisely, he had approved changes to the current PIP law, most of which only came into force on January 1, 2013). Most people know that any Florida driver must have at least 10K in personal injury protection insurance, which is low and should be much higher, as medical expenses arising from any car accidents easily and rapidly reach 10K resulting in moderate to serious injuries.

What The Florida PIP Law Had Entailed

With his now dismally low amount of coverage, Rick Scott was not pleased. Mr. Scott wanted to add a clause in the new legislation that effectively specifies that Florida drivers (even though they paid for them) are not entitled to anything in PIP insurance if they do not obtain initial medical attention within the first 14 days of an accident. That’s two weeks, and how easily in your own life will two weeks pass? Also, and even worse, injured drivers are only entitled to $2500 in compensation for anything other than an “emergency medical condition,” a concept described in the Florida PIP law in an elaborate and very narrow way. Chiropractic care is still greatly limited by the legislation and acupuncture and massage therapy services are excluded from coverage. So, under this new regulation, those who want alternative therapies, which many feels are more holistic and less invasive, are out of luck.

What Does All This Mean?

The $2500 cap on anything other than emergency situations means that you will still have to pay your insurance provider 10K in premiums in most cases, but if you are involved in an accident, you will not necessarily receive 10K in coverage in the vast majority of cases. The legislation would instead contribute to higher insurance income at your expense.

The Judicial Reprieve

One circuit court judge had granted a temporary injunction on March 15, 2013, banning the implementation of this new law on the basis that it violated the right of a person to have access to courts under the Florida Constitution. To get in touch with a lawyer about the Florida PIP Law, click here.

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