Top 10 HUGE Florida Truck Accident Settlements

Florida Truck Accident Settlements

Which Florida Truck Accident Settlements Have The Highest Payouts?

One thing that is common about all truck accidents is serious injuries that involve a lifetime of treatment, such as a traumatic brain injury, typically lead to higher Florida truck accident settlements than even death-causing accidents (because the defendant needs to pay the plaintiff the expense of lifetime treatment), assuming that the defendant’s fault is apparent in causing the accident. In addition, where there are significant, lifelong lost earnings, the value may often be higher (which arises if the claimant has proof to show that he or she can no longer perform his or her job, such as employer and/or treating doctor testimony, a high burden that needs strong evidence of permanent inability to work), this can drastically increase the amount of Florida truck accident settlements.

Examples of Florida Truck Accident Settlements

1. Valdes v. Rock and Sod Connection Inc., and others. $1.93 million.

A truck struck a male motorcycle driver, causing very serious injuries. His past and future medical costs, past and future missed income, and past and future pain and suffering are included in this Florida truck accident settlement.

2. Casselberry, Florida. Katiuska Rivas vs. Roderick A. Wall and Able Sanitation, Inc. $1.51 million.

A male Freightliner driver and a truck driver collided and were killed in an accident. He had a younger daughter and son, who had recovered the money. He was, however, considered 35 percent negligent (meaning partly to blame), so the judge only awarded 65 percent of the Florida truck accident settlement to his estate.

3. Maitland, Florida. Gene A. Reid vs. Yellow Transportation, Inc. $974,000.

A truck was rear-ended by a 47-year old male sheet worker. His car sustained only minimal damage, but he sustained a herniated disc at L5-S1 and needed to undergo a discectomy (surgery to repair the disks in his back). And he had clear proof that, following his surgery, he was unable to return to work, resulting in a substantial payout for missed wages.

4. Kissimmee, Florida. Dellinger v. National Freight. $750,000.

A 38-year-old female county employee, while driving her car, was hit head-on by a truck. She sustained 5 serious fractures and became an especially good witness.

5. Valdes v. Rock and Sod Connection Inc., and others. $1.93 million.

A 55-year-old truck driver and the father of a 14 and 16-year-old who was walking down the street (a pedestrian) was killed in a nearby semi-truck collision. This one million dollar settlement provided each of the surviving kids with $500,000. 

6. Maitland, Florida. Roberts v. Tri-State Carriers. $1.6 million

The 51-year-old electric lineman’s vehicle was hit from the back, then hit by a truck again from the side. A skull fracture and mild brain injury resulted in the crash. Memory loss and a decline in academic skills were among his symptoms.

7. Winter Park, Florida. Parker, Estate Of v. Harris Trucking, Inc.; Shamrock Trucking, Inc. $500,000.

When a truck, driven through a stop sign by another vehicle that struck the truck, struck the vehicle of the deceased, a 39-year-old male teacher was killed. The jury awarded $500,000 to his wife. For Florida truck accident settlements for a wrongful death, this was a low verdict, which means that there was some poor evidence in the case, not shared in the findings published.

8. College Park, Orlando, Florida. Tolfa v. Alden Transport. $600,000.

A truck that refused to pause at a stop sign in a suburban neighborhood struck a 54-year-old female secretary. The plaintiff experienced permanent double vision, limited loss of peripheral vision, and related headaches, resulting in a very significant loss of income lawsuit (as an administrative assistant, she could no longer do her job).

9. Dr. Phillips, Florida. Clara Santos v. Sun Country Citrus Hauling, Inc. $630,000.

A 67-year-old woman was a passenger in her daughter’s vehicle. Her daughter struck a truck parked on the side of the road in a collision. The truck was alleged to have been illegally parked, thereby partially blocking the lane. A closed head injury resulted in seizures and neck pain that involved a 4-level anterior cervical diskectomy and fusion surgery was suffered by the claimant.

10. Orlando, Florida.​ Lymon v. Bynum Transport Inc. $65 million.

A 19-year-old woman was hit wide-side by a truck while driving through an intersection. Despite considerable speech impairment, she endured serious brain injury, along with permanent bladder and bowel incontinence, and frequent seizures. She has suffered partial paralysis on the left foot, a brief coma, and left femur and scapula fractures. Her counsel argued that the driver of the truck was reckless, failing to maintain a clear lookout and failing to have the right of way. She also argued that the company running the truck neglected to train and supervise its drivers properly. Before the arbitration, the truck firm decided to settle for 2 million. Worth noting: due to the expense of a lifetime of treatment, serious brain injuries from truck collisions are also the highest quality events. As a result of the thorough care she needed and the degree of the incompetence of the truck company in the training and supervision of their drivers. For Florida truck accident settlements this was an extreme outlier.

What You Must Do To Increase The Value of Florida Truck Accident Settlements

Please call to explore the best strategy in your case if you would like us to determine the possible value of your serious injury or wrongful death truck accident. We have a team of truck accident attorneys who are very seasoned and award-winning.  For a FREE case assessment 24/7/365, you are welcome to text or call (407) 250-1200. We will have a detailed consultation on what you can expect, and how to optimize your case value if we are willing to accept your case.

For Florida truck accident settlements, we have a highly qualified and award-winning truck accident lawyer team who can give you the absolute highest value. During your free and thorough consultation, please call us today to discuss our past agreements, verdicts, and awards.

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