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"They always answered. They were always at the palm of my hand."


"Avita is VERY nice and explained EVERYTHING!"

Qing N.

"Refreshing Experience to say the least!"

Luis V.

"Very well explained, detailed professionals!"

Jose H.

"It's the small things that make this business GREAT!"

Sharon J.

"I was always updated!"


"I would recommend them to my friends, my family, my co-workers... I definitely would!"

Michael A.

"They're Excellent People."

Edwin R

"She bent over backwards to help me!"

Jenesia G.

"They answered all of my questions right away, if they didn't know the answer, they'd find out and get right back!"

Jose T.

"Avita & her team are amazing!"

Sarita J.

"Everything was explained to me from start to finish!"

Miceli R.

"Avita was personally available to me."

Tristan G.

"I definitely would recommend Samaroo Law to ANYBODY!"

Damien G.

"We are very, very, very grateful."

"I am VERY pleased!"

– Andrea W.

"Happy! Happy! Happy!"

–  Junia W.

"Always answered!"

"She was with me every step of the process!"

Yariana – Car Accident Victim

"You're so awesome! Job well done!"

Tracy L.

"She fought hard!...Fast turn around!"

Amber A.

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"She was always there for me."

Steve G. – Car Accident Victim

"I understood everything and exceeded my expectations!"

Avanti M.

"I felt like a cousin!"

Mathew N.

"Avita was available more than enough!"

Chris J.

"I felt ALOT better!"

Jose M.

"She DOES what shes supposed to do!!"

Deatrice W.

"Exceeded my expectations!"

Harold O.

"Exceeded my expectations!"

Robert V.

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"Highly Professional. Highly Helpful."

Ravi D.- Car Accident Victim