Is your Auto Insurance Protecting you?

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Most people do not consider what a healthy auto insurance policy should include until it is too late – that is until after they have been involved in a motor vehicle accident (MVA).  Many of my clients tell me that they have “full coverage”.  “Full coverage” is a deceitful term that is perpetuated by ill-informed […]

5 Reasons Why You Need A Woman Lawyer

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Often gender doesn’t matter at all. But there are times when hiring a female lawyer is a great decision that can lead to a better overall experience for male and female clients alike — possibly even a different outcome. In celebration of all the strong women in our lives, here are 5 reasons you should […]

Top 6 Things NOT To Do In a Lawsuit

things not to do in a lawsuit

Top 6 Things NOT To Do In A Lawsuit Clients don’t know, along with their chosen Orlando personal injury lawyer, that they are one of the most significant factors in their case. A colleague and I recently discussed that reputation is potentially the single most significant factor in the outcome of any case of injury. […]

The #1 Best Guide To The Florida PIP Law

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The Florida PIP Law The old episode of Governor Rick Scott trampling all over the interests of hard-working people of Florida should really horrify you. Undoubtedly, the Florida PIP Law hurts both users, Republicans and Democrats alike. On March 10, 2012, Rick Scott signed a PIP law (or more precisely, he had approved changes to the current […]

#1 Best Defense, The Seatbelt Defense

seatbelt defense

What Is The Seatbelt Defense? There are still two key questions any time you have been involved in some sort of accident: (1) who caused the accident and (2) the nature of your injuries. We figure out these questions to use the seatbelt defense. (There are other relevant issues, such as whether the defendant had […]


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10 Rules For Your Florida Car Accident Value

florida car accident value

10 Rules For Your Florida Car Accident Value 10 Rules For Your Florida Car Accident Value If you have been hurt by another person in a car accident, you are entitled to compensation. The question is, to what extent? The answer is typically unknown right after an accident. After the crash, however, you can take […]

#1 Crucial Step For Florida Slip and Fall Cases

florida slip and fall cases

Wet Floor Signs Can Be Helpful in Florida Slip and Fall Cases I’ve said before, as an Orlando slip and fall attorney, Florida slip and fall cases are complex. The result is often based on complex specifics of what caused the fall. People often slip and fall due to wet floors in businesses or grocery […]

#1 Important Step, Orlando Slip and Fall Cases

orlando slip and fall cases

What To Take Note About In Orlando Slip and Fall Cases Although the four-year statute of limitations in Orlando slip and fall cases technically gives you plenty of time to initiate legal proceedings, as a practical matter you still need to take urgent action in your case to maximize the potential value of your damages. […]

Top 10 HUGE Florida Truck Accident Settlements

florida truck accident settlements

Which Florida Truck Accident Settlements Have The Highest Payouts? One thing that is common about all truck accidents is serious injuries that involve a lifetime of treatment, such as a traumatic brain injury, typically lead to higher Florida truck accident settlements than even death-causing accidents (because the defendant needs to pay the plaintiff the expense […]

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